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Welcome to the Warkworth Community Shop, we are so glad you have found us! We are a small shop in the northern part of Auckland that provides our community with pre-loved treasure, trinkets and fashion that still have a lot of love to give! Our online store means people from all over New Zealand can now access our products too. We regularly update our pieces online so no two days are ever the same! Enjoy looking around and we can't wait to see what hidden gems you uncover!

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  • Sustainability

    We live in a world where almost everything is overproduced. We are literally filling the planet up with one off, throw away items. Second hand shops are a great way to give already produced items a second chance at life and to slow the speed of overproduction!

  • Expressionism

    Almost every town in New Zealand now has the same set of shops! The ability to express yourself and enjoy individuality gets harder and harder when every one is wearing and doing the same thing. Second hand shops give you access to super awesome items that not every one has!

  • Quality

    The old saying "they don't make things like they used to" is truer now than it ever has been! Clothes and products aren't built to last anymore, so not only are you receiving inferior products, but it costs you more too! Second hand shops are a mecca of top quality treasures from years gone by, and at great prices!

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  • Hestia Women's Refuge

  • Warkworth Primary School PTA

  • Mahurangi Volunteer Fire Service

  • Age Concern Warkworth

  • Coastguard

  • Warkworth Town Hall Restoration Society

  • Julie's Animal Refuge

  • and many more...

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